Programm: Ich höre woanders - Quis est homo


Programm: Ich höre woanders - Quis est homo | Fotos: Emilian Tsubaki, Julia Sander | Art Director: Ching-Tien Lin 

Programm: Moro Lasso | Fotos: Yannic Borchert | Art Director: Ching-Tien Lin 

Fotos: Martín Rebaza


"Rennaissance-Träumereien und Vokalakrobatik"


Isenhagener Kreisblatt  | 29.06.2020


"One of the most note-worthy aspects of how you perform together is your united aesthetic perspective. I could hear each artist moving along the same lines toward the same sonic goals. I know that each of you is an artist in their own right, and that makes it all the more impressive that you were able - audibly - to achieve such a singular sound and interpretive aura. You also approached the style challenges inherent in such a mixed program with a common purpose and aesthetic ideal. I could sense the respect you lavish on new music, the care you take to present the music cleanly and emotionally."


Kent Carlson/Helen de Nore, Sänger*in, Komponist*in, Kulturschaffende*r, Drag | über das Konzert am 26.02.2022